The WAYV Mobile App


The WAYV mobile application is now available to download on Android (iOS coming soon)!


About one week ago we published the first iteration of the WAYV mobile app. Since then we have published a number of updated to improve the user experience and make the app a truly amazing place to share your stories!

So what is WAYV and why should you download the app? WAYV is about encouraging and inspiring people to travel and explore more of the world around them. Do you wish that you could travel more, visit new countries, and discover amazing cultures? If so the WAYV app is the best place for finding travel advice from real people and share stories about your amazing experiences. No matter if you are leaving the country for the first time, backpacking around the world, or looking for your next luxury vacation, download the app now at and join the conversation!


We have many features that are scheduled to be added to the app over the next few weeks and months such as; following people, search people and posts by location, and the ability to monetize your content. That’s right, you will be able to make money by using WAYV, making your dreams to travel whilst working a reality!

Soon we will also be starting our referral program. This is your opportunity to get your hands on some awesome WAYV goodies for free! We have loads of exclusive sticker packs ready to give out to people who get their friends to fill out their WAYV profile. For those of you who can bring more friends to WAYV we will be sending out a free t-shirt (RRP £24.95)! More details will be available when the promotion starts and for the people who bring the most referrals to the app we will be granting them early access to trial the monetized accounts!

We can’t wait to see your amazing travel stories!



Adam Linscott

Founder of WAYV

Entrepreneur, Programmer, Creative, and Seeker of Adventures. I am passionate about creating connections and learning more about the world around us. WAYV to me is an opportunity to encourage others to have life changing experiences!

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