Our New Website!


We have finally launched our new website and we hope you love it as much as we do!


WAYV was imagined only 2 months ago and since then we have been moving fast to bring you a version of the platform that everyone can enjoy and be inspired by. The end goal is big… and I mean really big! So to keep you updated we have created a space where we can start to share with you amazing stories and travel tips from some of the most adventurous members of our community!

We will release more details about the WAYV mobile app very soon and we will begin to invite some of you to join our Pioneer program. The app will be the perfect place to share travel stories, connect with other travelers, and learn how to experience the world in a new and exciting way! Whether you are looking for your next luxury holiday or to backpack across Asia, you’ll be able to find something new and exciting on WAYV.

We are also working with a number of social media influencers to help create a platform that pays creators for their hard work. More details will be available shortly after the release of the mobile app but we are determined to create a monetization strategy that works for creators, not against them!

Soon we will also be opening the WAYV Store where T-shirts and other items will be available to purchase. Anyone who makes a purchase will be guaranteed a place in the Pioneer program and will have exclusive access to the mobile app alongside other Pioneers and selected social media influencers! I will write another article explaining the store and the Pioneer program in more detail very soon!

Over the following weeks we will have exciting new articles about traveling and additional news about the WAYV Platform. To keep up to date make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and be sure to let us know in the comments what content you would like to see more of!


Adam Linscott

Founder of WAYV

Entrepreneur, Programmer, Creative, and Seeker of Adventures. I am passionate about creating connections and learning more about the world around us. WAYV to me is an opportunity to encourage others to have life changing experiences!

Show your support so that we can keep creating awesome travel content!


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