6 Fun Things To Do In Hong Kong For A First-Time Visitor


Has Hong Kong captured your interest with its glittery skyline and countless fun things to explore and see? Whether you’re drawn to its intricate culture or prominent beauty, there’s no denying the energetic vibes that pull you to experience the fascinating city of Hong Kong.


The number of visitors in Hong Kong have been rising every year, and with good reason. Its outstanding list of attractions — from glorious skyscrapers and zen-like parks to luxury mall and the night bazaar — these are bound to intrigue any curious wanderlust. It's a fairly easy-going city to get around, with proper public transportation, a vibrant nightlife, and some amazing gastronomic delights.

We gather a list of fun things to do for a first-time visitor to Hong Kong.

1. Junk Boat (Aqua Luna)

This junk boat is, unquestionably, the iconic symbol of Hong Kong. For years, the sight of the red sails of the boat flying proud against the modern buildings has become a cherished image for the people in Hong Kong.

Take a cruise at the harbor by going aboard the Aqua Luna. This is a great way to enjoy the Light of Symphony and will provide you with a fine view of Hong Kong. Let the pleasant wind billow the sails as you have a night to remember.

2. The Victoria Peak

What better way to enjoy the panoramic view of the city than from on top of the infamous Victoria Peak? To get to the Peak, you could take a tram by purchasing a 2-way ticket — or just go for a hike if you’re up to it! There are trails you can follow to reach the vantage point.

From the Peak, you get to see the outstanding view of Hong Kong's skyscrapers backed by big mountains along the harbor. The view is magnificent during the day and glorious at night. Something you would not want to miss.

3. Ngong Ping 360

Enjoy the sweeping view of natural landscape from the glass-floor cable car available at Ngong Ping 360. However, if you're not one for heights, you can always choose the regular cable car.

The 7.5 km gondola lift from Tung Chung will take you to Ngong Ping Village located on Lantau Island. Along the ride you'll get to see the mountains, Tung Chun bays, airports, and the Hong Kong- Zhuhai- Macau bridge that are all still under construction.

While in Ngong Ping Village, visit the world’s outdoor largest bronze Giant Buddha, or take a trip to Tai O fishing village and learn the rare life of the Tanka people.

4. Ocean Park

Ocean Park is the second largest theme park in Hong Kong, located in Wong Chuk Hang. At the entrance, there’s a big and colorful helium air balloon that goes up to 100 meters! And this park also has acrobatic dancers and jugglers ready to entertain you with their performances.

The park has a ton of attractions like Aqua City, Ocean Theater, Rain Forest, Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Polar Adventure, and Thrill Mountain. Ranked as the 7th most popular theme park in the world by Forbes’s magazine, this is a must visit if you are in Hong Kong.

If you love thrill rides, try the Hair Raiser roller coaster — it’ll take you on the ride of multiple vertical drops, with 360 degrees high-speed turns and the mountains accompanying your view.

Dare to try?

5. Ride A Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is one of the charming and classic ways to travel in Hong Kong. Take a ride on a Star Ferry ride to Wan Chai from Central Kowloon. This ferry is still part of the local method of transportation, even though people can take the train (MTR) to travel between the two islands.

The ferry is easily accessible and completely safe, as it is used daily by tourists and locals alike.

6. Night Market

Hong Kong has its lists of night markets that sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, range of trinkets, and souvenirs. Mongkok has a Ladies Market dedicated to items that cater to women everywhere. If you like to shop for some tropical fruits and good bakes, head to Fa Yuen Gai Market as it’s lined with fruit stalls selling coconuts, cherries, and lychees.

Hong Kong is a great destination. It offers tons of activities to do and see. For a first-time visitor, you’ll find it’s hard not to return!

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