5 Places You Don't Want To Miss When Visiting Nerja, Spain


Many regions in Spain are worth spending your holiday in. But I have fallen for the beauty of this popular coastal town on the Costa del Sol region - the Spanish village of Nerja. There are some great places to visit and experience some of the most picturesque views you can find anywhere.


There are plenty of great places to visit to be absorbed in Spain’s culture, and to enjoy your time with great food and new experiences while you’re at it! This is a list of five places you have to visit in Nerja, Spain in order to have the best vacation possible.

Burriana Beach

Even on vacation, I love the chance to go to the beach. That’s why I’d highly recommend the beautiful Burriana Beach as one of the first places to visit in Nerja. Take the time to do some water sports, sunbathe, or eat lovely food at the restaurants near the beach. But no matter what you do, you must try the paella that is sold on the beach. I say it’s the best paella in all of Spain, and I’d hate for anyone to miss out on it!

Balcón de Europa

A nice slice of Spain’s culture can be found by taking a guided walking tour of Nerja. I personally took the Sunset Walking Tour, as I have always loved getting good pictures of the sunset anywhere I go. Part of this tour was the Balcón de Europa - a wonderful place to listen to musicians playing their home music, take scenic photos to send home to friends, or watch the sunset or sunrise depending on the time of the day! I’ve heard that, while decently busy in the evening, you can manage to watch the sunrise in solitude; that is if you’re more of an early riser and like the peace and quiet.

Church of El Salvador

Yet another place the guided walking tour of Nerja took me was the Church of El Salvador, not far from Balcón de Europa. This church taught me quite a lot about Nerja’s history, art, and architecture. The statues in the church were a sight to behold - akin to the famous Greek statues of history, and I loved seeing the outside of the church in the late sun’s beautiful rays. Nothing makes you feel closer to a culture than immersing yourself in its valuable religious practices, which can be done here at the Church of El Salvador.

Las Cuevas de Nerja

The Nerja caves are a valuable source of sightseeing for nature lovers like yours truly. I have been to all kinds of unique caves across the world, and the caves at Nerja are among the most expansive and amazing I’ve seen so far! Since getting discovered in 1959, these caves have been breaking records for a variety of things - the largest column, the oldest cave paintings - and have been a source of finds like Roman pottery and Moorish coins that make these caves a window of endless discovery for historians. I couldn’t imagine a better way to be part of history than to visit these caves and experience their majesty first-hand.


Though not technically in Nerja, Spain, I can’t pass up the opportunity to mention the importance of a trip to Frigiliana. This village in the Southern Spain has won awards for its beauty, and makes for a great spot to take photos while on vacation. One can also purchase picturesque postcards to send to family and friends. Frigiliana is only about four miles away from Nerja, making it a worthwhile day trip that can be made part of any vacation to the area. Take a moment to marvel at the beautiful white houses and streets of Frigiliana, and you won’t regret it.

A trip to Nerja should be in your bucket list when you visit Spain. The town is easily reached via Malaga, which is just 53 kilometers away. It was some of the best moments of my Spanish holiday and it's definitely worth the trip!


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